The Best Week for Deer Hunting

If you’re anything like me, time seems to always be in short supply. With a full-time job, a family and everything in-between, finding time to spend in the whitetail woods each fall can be a challenge. But when that week finally arrives — a whole seven days — our intention is to make the most of every second, and ultimately come home with many whitetail encounters, backstraps for the freezer and some bone for the wall.

However, in our zest to take in every ounce of the hunt, oftentimes we are too aggressive and have an all or nothing mindset to our week of whitetail wonder. Although this approach sometimes has its rewards, oftentimes the deer figure out pretty quickly they are not the only ones in the woods and become almost invisible. Our once highly prized week that we’ve had X’d-out on our calendar for months now falls short of our expectations.

If you want to get the most out of your week when you head to the woods this fall, step back and take the whole week into perspective. If you look at every aspect of the hunt and plan each step, you might just have the week of whitetail hunting nirvana you’ve been dying for.

The Perfect Week

Picking the perfect week is a must when you’re looking to increase your odds at punching your tag, and it goes without saying the first or second weeks of November are prime. It’s then that lust-crazed bucks are on their feet most of the day and throw caution into the wind and make mistakes in their search for love.

However, if you work with other hunters, getting a chunk of time off could be difficult. If I had to choose a backup week, it would definitely be during the early season, which can be as early as August or September in some states. That time of year can also yield opportunities at giant bucks. Although you won’t find bucks dogging does then, they are usually easy to pattern, travel in bachelor groups and haven’t felt the pressure of other hunters yet. If you take the time to find where the bucks are feeding and can figure out their travel route, sticking one of them with a well-placed arrow is almost a sure thing.

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