Cubs fans will have to dig deep to get playoff tickets

Now that the Cubs have clinched a spot in the National League Division Series, a new contest has begun — for playoff tickets.

Tickets brokers say fans who aren’t lucky enough to buy them through the official lottery can expect to drop serious cash for a chance to watch the team make history. Whether it’s for a private box overlooking Wrigley Field or a standing-room spot near the lower deck, demand is expected to eclipse that of any other baseball ticket market — even last year’s Cubs run.

“Cubs fans may be, because of the history, the most hungry to see playoff baseball of any team we’ve seen since we started tracking the market in 2010,” said Chris Leyden, a content analyst for SeatGeek, a New York-based ticket search engine. “Everyone wants to be at a game in the season that they actually win a World Series.”

One indication of expected demand: Cubs season ticket holders who began listing playoff seats on third-party sites before the Cubs clinched were asking more than double what New York Mets ticket holders were asking should their team advance.

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