10 Reasons You Won’t Kill an Early Season Buck

Early season deer hunting offers a prime opportunity to kill a good buck. Honestly, it’s my favorite time of year to target bucks that I’ve worked so hard to scout and pattern. Because once the rut hits, oftentimes, all bets are off.

But not everyone takes the early season as seriously as they should. Here are 10 reasons why some people might not kill an early season buck this year.

1. You Aren’t Proficient with Your Bow

You can be the best deer hunter in the world and know exactly what a deer is thinking and doing at any given moment, but if you can’t shoot, you aren’t filling tags. That’s why you have to practice and be proficient with your bow.

The fix: Shoot for at least 10 minutes every day. Start with a single cold shot at your maximum effective range and then shoot one arrow at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. Repeat this process.

2. You Won’t Scout

Scouting is just as important as the hunting. Big bucks don’t live under every tree. You have to find them. And to do that, you have to scout.

The fix: Use trail cameras, maps and in-the-field scouting to find a deer you want to hunt.

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